Rolls-Royce and Hermès: The perfect luxury experience on the road

The Phantom Oribe caught my attention just a few days ago, but I’m quite unsure why I haven’t written an article on such a beautiful piece of creativity.

Luxury brands are always wary of their competitors and wouldn’t mind shutting off doors of possibilities that could lead to unintentionally gifting competitors their secret recipe for success.

In a world where collaboration could be seen as a greek gift and not forgetting several years of marketing/branding wars, I doubt if German automobile giants — Daimler AG, BMW and Volkswagen Group — will ever collaborate to produce a masterpiece for its numerous clients across the globe.

Honestly, how would you feel driving around in the first-ever car fusion (‘Roll-Royce — Porsche — Mercedes’) knowing it might be the only one present in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere? This is quite similar to the concept of genetically modified organisms in biotechnology, but in this case, the desired traits from each of the three cars (Rolls-Royce Phantom, Porsche 911 Turbo S, and Mercedes-AMG S 65) will be exhibited by just a car.

What is so unique about the Phantom Oribe? Well, as we all know, Rolls Royce isn’t your regular car. The craftsmanship found at Goodwood — the Home of Rolls-Royce — requires special commendation, and the artisans never seem to be scared of challenges irrespective of clients' demands.

Image Source: Instagram (Rolls-Royce)

The exterior of the Phantom Oribe is a beauty to behold just like every other Phantom, but Rolls-Royce never relented on its laurels. The brand decided to go for the super-extraordinary by collaborating with the iconic French fashion powerhouse — Hermès — that is known for producing the Birkin. If you’re new to the Birkin or Kelly, you might just have to read up on some of our previous articles. As for me, I regard Hermès as one of the royals of the iconic saddle-stitching.

Hermès and leatherwork are two inseparable words, and its reputation precedes it. When premium leather bags are being discussed, it’s more than likely that Hermès would have been mentioned. Luxury brands thrive on exclusivity and exquisite design of their items and Hermès isn’t an exception. As a result, they try to avoid the dilution of the brand’s equity.

As I’ve always said when writing about cars, the exterior of a car isn’t the only thing I admire in a car, but the total package which includes the interior. Also, with a beautifully polished wooden dashboard cover or other interior parts, you’ve probably grabbed my attention. The Phantom Oribe is the definition of premium.

Image Source: Instagram (Rolls-Royce)

As with most luxury brands, to be a collector of certain items, you must have built a strong relationship with the brand before you’re given the privilege to make an instant purchase thereby skipping the queue of people on the long waiting list. This beautifully crafted piece of engineering and fashion is said to belong to a Japanese, and without even knowing him, I want to believe this isn’t his first Rolls-Royce.

Also, people that can afford luxury items often have a bias toward certain brands, as a result, the buyer must be a lover of the two luxury brands (Rolls-Royce and Hermès).

The automobile industry seems not to have any major issues with the fashion industry, and the Virgil Abloh x Mercedes-Benz “Project Geländewagen 1:3 SCALE MAQUETTE’’ is one of the evidence of what to expect in the future. The G-Wagon— launched as the Geländewagen in 1979 — was sold at Sotheby’s for $201,600 to raise money in support of Virgil Abloh’s Post Modern Scholarship Fund. Without a side mirror, it is more of an art than a car, and Virgil Abloh and Gorden Wagener (Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer) deserve all the accolades.

As usual, the Dartemuv team just want to say thank you for reading this article and we hope to bring you more…

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