Bliss Lau and the bliss that accompanies its jewellery

Climate change is a bigger issue facing our planet and it's worth all the attention it’s been receiving in the media. This has put tremendous pressure on many companies and the only way out seems to be to respect the environment.

Bliss Lau is one of the forward-looking jewellery company that decided to adopt the unlearn-and-relearn strategy. In 2017, the company changed its casting process and commenced the use of certified recycled precious metals as a sign of its embracement of environmental protection for the survival of the future generation.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Founder of Bliss Lau)

Depending on the kind of jewellery — necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets — you desire, Bliss Lau’s recycled precious metals — gold, silver, platinum — is all you need to smash that lacklustre appearance that keeps you worried and awake all nights. As far as I’m concerned, all humans are beautiful, and you need to start considering yourself as one of the gold standards of elegance.

Image Source: Bliss Lau

Join me as we check out some of the jewellery collection you can purchase at Bliss Lau below.

This is a triangle-shaped earring with stunning lab-grown diamonds, and you wouldn’t miss the glow of the sapphire. The length of the partially recycled gold will surely make people turn around to take a second look at you.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $2,640)

2. Product Description: Bliss Lau, HARMONIOUS EARRING

It’s not everyone that loves the drop dangle earring, and this isn’t shocking for someone like me. One of the ideas behind such earrings is to make you the centre of attention in public. Bliss Lau surely knows how to create amazing-looking earrings with gold, diamond and sapphire that grabs attention. The jewellery below is made to order and will be delivered within 6–8weeks, and you can pay using Affirm (Installment Payment: starting at $51/month).

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $563)

3. Product Description: Bliss Lau, DOMINANT EARRING

Not everyone can stand getting compliments from unknown passersby. For those that wouldn’t mind boosting their drop-dead beauty with a piece of stunning jewellery, then the piece below is for you. Bliss Lau has a limited quantity of this jewellery in stock, and if it’s out of stock by the time you need it, you might have to wait for 6–8weeks to get your delivery. Also, you can pay using Affirm (Installment Payment: starting at $91/month).

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $998)

4. Product Description: Bliss Lau, REFLECTION NECKLACE

If you love triangles, then Bliss Lau has plenty to get you glued on its site. This next piece is an adjustable chain of 16–18inches, and it has 0.1ct emerald trillion from Brazil in Yellow Gold, 0.27ct garnet trillion in Rose Gold, 0.07ct white opal triangle from Australia in Yellow Gold, and 0.18ct Fair-trade black spinel triangle. Lastly, it has a 0.12ct G-H, SI1 quality white diamond triangle.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $1,515)

5. Product Description: Bliss Lau, CONSCIOUS PENDANT

This jewellery is handmade in the USA and its necklace chain is 18 inches in length. It’s made with partially recycled gold and available in black heritage stock Jade from Australia and Crystal Quartz from Arkansas. The diamond on it is lab-grown and it’s nice if you can have this piece in your collection. Also, you can pay using Affirm (Installment Payment: starting at $90/month).

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $995)

6. Product Description: Bliss Lau, HARMONIOUS RING SET

It’s made with recycled gold and measures 8mm wide on top, 3.5mm on the bottom, the ring is 1.5mm thick. The G-VS quality white diamond — 0.03ct is worth every penny.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $1,695)

7. Product Description: Bliss Lau, MIRAGE + REFLECTION RING SET

Available in Recycled or Fairmined gold, it’s handmade to order in the USA and the expected delivery is in 6–8weeks. According to Bliss Lau, The Reflection Band lives within the Mirage Ring- the Mirage representing the Engagement Ring, Best friend promise Rings and the Reflection representing the wedding band.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $7,111)

8. Product Description: Bliss Lau, EMPATH RING

Recycled G/H SI-quality white diamonds, 0.83–0.85tcw and it is also available in Lab Grown Diamonds, F VS quality. The combination of diamond and gold gives it a unique appearance that would-be owners will cherish.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $7,147)

9. Product Description: Bliss Lau, ELLIPTICAL ENCLOSE BAND

Customizable to fit as a wedding band with any engagement ring, and the band measures 13mm wide. G-VS quality pavé set white diamonds, 0.49–0.55tcw. It is available in Recycled or Fairmined gold.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $10,160)

10. Product Description: Bliss Lau, FUTURIST THREE STONE RING

This beautifully made jewellery is available in recycled or fair mined gold. The G-VS quality lab-grown diamond pave and side stones including the Malaya Garnet Center Stone needs a place to call home. Kindly close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself gifting it to someone close to your heart, and bob’s your uncle, this act of kindness/affection shall always be remembered.

Image Source: Bliss Lau (Price: $7,215)

We hope you were able to find a piece of jewellery that resonates with your ideals.

As usual, the Dartemuv team just want to say thank you for reading this article and we hope to bring you more…



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